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Dear Music Lover:

Wouldn't you like to be a singer whose songs are played on the radio? As a former morning radio personality in Phoenix, Arizona at FM 100 KLZI, I have such a dream, too.

A number of years ago, I persuaded the famed music mogul Mr. Clive Davis of RCA Records to listen to the "Daddy's Christmas Songs" CD that I made for Christmas, 2005, as a present to family and friends. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and my now 8-year-old daughter's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" were two of the songs on the CD.

You can download both of those songs right here on my website and or at www.daddyschristmassongs.com.

A number of years ago, inspired by my experience of producing this CD, I approached the CEOs of the major radio groups, suggesting they organize a "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" promotion for the holiday season. I suggested that they encourage listeners of all ages to send recordings of themselves singing classic Christmas songs or singing their own original Christmas song. These recordings could then be played during the Christmas season.

Alas, there were no takers. Would you call them Grinches or Scrooges? Well, you decide.

The sales and marketing campaign for "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" unfortunately failed to interest anyone, from Toy R Us to Target, including all of the major retailers. Moreover, a large advertisement for "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" appeared in the radio industry trade journal, Radio and Records, as a way of generating interest from radio stations, to no avail. Finally, I made an infomercial, which played a couple of selected markets with minimal success. Oh well. Success is made with a trail of failures. Here below is the infomercial:

Despite the lack of interest from retailers, wouldn't it have been great to hear not only yourself, but also your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, boss, co-worker, or neighbor singing classic Christmas songs on the radio? After all, anyone can download these audio instructions, so everybody can take part in "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio."

I still believe in this idea, and this could be YOUR success, too!

This CD, now available as a free downloadable audio file for audience participation, truly embodies the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing.

By "Karaoke" I mean a style of singing by amateur performers like you. There is no need to use any actual karaoke music.

The "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD contains a unique Christmas gift for you year around: special printed and audio instructions about how to send your own CD of you singing your classic Christmas song to your local radio station.

But you can get all of it now for FREE by printing it from the website and downloading the audio file. This will give you the best chance of having your CD played. Another possibility is if the radio station accepts it via email in a .wav or .mp3 format. It could then be added to the rotation of Christmas songs that your local radio station will play during this Christmas season.

You can hear and download the professionally produced "how-to" guide right here on the homepage. Additionally, there is a printed insert in the CD containing the entire text of the instructions, printable here now on the website for free. You will learn all about how to secure permission to use copyrighted material and how to find out whether a Christmas song is in the public domain and can be used without charge.

Perhaps this year, the entire Christmas season programming will be devoted to "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" at your local radio station.

Who knows, maybe your classic Christmas song will be enjoyed by millions in years to come.

You can even dedicate your "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" song to a loved one—to Mom or to Dad, or your spouse, or your son or daughter or a special friend.

Please take a few minutes to look round this site. You can read my Christmas Message, the letters I have received from Clive Davis, and the letters I've sent to the CEOs of the major radio groups, retailers and more to try to bring this CD to the market. Who knows, maybe it will also spark more entrepreneurs here in the United States, who in these hard economic times are greatly needed.

Again, you can download the audio file from this site.

Remember the old proverb, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," and give "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" a try!

Download the "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" audio file and print the instructions here today and help start a great popular promotion that will be fun for everyone!

I may not be Santa Claus or even the famed Clive Davis of RCA Records, so I cannot offer you a recording contract, but "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD is my Christmas present to you for FREE here on my website.

Now you and everyone you know can become a singing star, at least, at Christmastime!

Want a catchy holiday ringtone for your cell phone? Click here to download a ringtone of "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Steve Mozena.

Merry Christmas,

Steve Mozena
, Creator of the "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD


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