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Letter to Retail CEOs

Dear Retail CEO:

Would you like to purchase a money-generating product and help spread the Christmas spirit at the same time?

What if I told you that this product will keep gathering greenbacks from now to Christmas, and then again to Christmas, 2007, and each year after that?

I have produced what will become the next big novelty item that everyone "must have" by this and for this Christmas.

Remember the stunning success of novelties like the "Pet Rock"," and the "Jingle Cat" CD at Christmastime? Every year there is some new product that almost everyone in American clamors to buy for Christmas.

So what is this innovative product?

I call it the "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD. It contains two Karaoke Christmas songs, one sung by me and the other by my daughter. Enclosed in the CD package is an explanation of how the buyer can participate in "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio".

My "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD gives every man, woman and child in America the chance to celebrate Christmas, that most wonderful of all holiday seasons, in ways they have never done before! And to hear their friends, relatives and neighbors doing so as well!

Wouldn't it be great to hear not only yourself, but also your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, boss, co-worker, or neighbor singing classic Christmas songs on the radio? That means anyone can purchase this CD for everybody.

This CD for audience participation truly embodies the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing.

Stock this CD on your shelves right now and watch your customers' faces light up like multicolored lights on Christmas trees!

How "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" Developed.

My name is Steve Mozena. I'm a businessman, a husband to a lovely wife and the father of a delightful 4-year-old girl. I'm not a professional musician, but as a former morning radio personality in Phoenix, Arizona, I have long had a dream of making a CD of my own and hearing it played on the radio.

Last year I took the first step to this goal and created "Daddy's Christmas Songs," my personal Classic Christmas Carols CD. I gave it as a present to family, friends and even the customers of my book publishing company. It touched their hearts. People told me that "Do You Hear What I Hear?" and my 4-year-old daughter's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," were their personal favorites on the CD. See www.daddyschristmassongs.com

The famed music mogul Mr. Clive Davis of RCA Records has personally listened to "Daddy's Christmas Songs." Inspired by that, and by my experience of producing this CD, I came up with the idea of "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio." I've written to the CEOs of the major radio groups, suggesting that they organize a "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" for 2006.

How "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" Works.

Here's how it works: the promotions department of the radio stations will create a "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" festival, and encourage listeners of all ages to send in CDs, mp3 files, USB drives, and cassette tapes, of themselves singing classic Christmas songs for cash and/or prizes. These will then be played at Christmastime just after Thanksgiving, on Christmas Eve and even on Christmas Day.

The radio stations will go for this. They'd be foolish if they didn't. It gives them a way to reverse the slide in the audience for music radio as a result of competing mediums like TV reality shows like "American Idol," Internet music, mp3, Satellite radio, ipods, and so forth.

I have started the ball rolling with letters to the CEOs of the largest radio groups explaining in detail this opportunity.

The "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD, which I am enclosing, will add further momentum to an express Christmas train of an idea that's just itching to get out of the station and race all across America. A sleigh ride with Santa Claus that everyone can join!

On the inside cover of the "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CD, I provide buyers with a "How to" guide to getting their own recording of one Christmas carol to feature as part of a "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" in their local city.

Huge Potential Market Right Now!

There is a huge potential market for this Christmas Carol CD as part of an upcoming "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" promotion. It's Christmas joy and fun for everyone, and it's easy to do.

No matter how good or bad the singing, people will love to hear themselves, as well as their friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers, singing classic Christmas songs on the radio.

People will listen for hours and hours on end if there is a chance that they will eventually hear themselves or someone they know.

I'm asking you to purchase and stock "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" CDs at your store.

Who knows, maybe "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" may discover the next "American Idol"!

"American Idol" has proved that there are millions of people in America who love to listen to wannabe stars. "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio" gives them a chance to become stars themselves on their local radio station.

To place an order or contact me for more information, call 1-800-444-TEXT (8398). Also, see www.karaokechristmasontheradio.com

Help give a present of a Christmas song for "Karaoke Christmas on the Radio." Purchase the CD for your stores and keep it on the shelves.

Act now. Christmas is coming soon. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity and end up with a face as red as Rudolph's nose!


Steve Mozena

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