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Letter to RCA CEO Clive Davis    June 24, 2005

Dear Mr. Clive Davis:

Enclosed are several photos I took of you at the recent Learning Annex seminar in Los Angeles, an article published in the LA weekly shortly after it, a copy of the letter I wrote to you a year ago, and your kind response to it.

I wish I had had the opportunity to meet you at the seminar. Nevertheless, I'm writing you this follow-up letter.

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to write me a handwritten note on the very letter that I sent you June 7, 2004. Thanks, I'll cherish it...forever.

In response to your note, I have tried to break in to acting, in a big way, even trying to strategically market myself by advertising on bus benches in front of the major studios. No one gave me a chance to show my talent as an actor, though I still carry my SAG and AFTRA card.

Despite this, I know my true talent is singing, and, last year, I was hoping that you might evaluate me like Simon, Paula, and Randy do on "American Idol" --- in other words, assess my ability as a singer.

I already have a strategy for success, even though "I'm a forty-something trying to break into the Top 40."

Shortly after I received the handwritten note back from you, I saw you on "60 Minutes." It mentioned you were asked to leave the company because of your age, but then they brought you back shortly thereafter, even though you were basically, as the commentator put it, a senior citizen in a young person's industry. With that in mind, I was a bit shocked that you told me I was too old for recording, since you yourself had been the
victim of age discrimination.

So, I'd like to ask you again, would you be kind enough to give me the opportunity to show my talent and explain my strategy? I didn’t have a showbiz mom or dad to push my talent. My life has taken its twists and turns and didn't lead me to the proper path as a young person for a singing career. But can't we break the mold? Check out my strategy and logic for creating CD/DVDs.

The piece in the LA Weekly wasn't very flattering to you, though a man of your stature has probably had those type of slings and arrows shot at you occasionally. I'm sure you manage to dismiss such things, though it may hurt a bit.

In this case, I'd like you to show the writer of that article, as well as me, and perhaps even yourself, that you can take a dark horse like me and create, maybe not a Barry Manilow or Celine Dion, but a bottomline profitable performer. I know if I had your support, I could do it.

Clive, I hope you will give this former morning radio personality from Phoenix, Arizona, a hobby singer, now a middle-aged man with a wife and daughter, Arista, a chance to show you my talent and strategy, just for you.

As you said at the seminar, "Be prepared when you get your chance." I'm ready.


Steve Mozena

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